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stone patio installationWhether you own a Rockford business, a few houses, or maybe just one home, someday you’re going need some concrete work done. Concrete work is not something that most do-it-yourself people are usually willing to tackle. It does require a certain amount of specialized knowledge, and some tools that most people don’t own, but you could rent them. Problem is, once you’ve got a batch of concrete mixed up, you really need to know what to do with it, and how to do it before it sets up and turns into a giant rock, and this scares people.

For that reason, and some others, it’s probably better to hire a qualified concrete and stone contractor to do the job for you. They show up with all the right tools, they know just how to mix the concrete, and how to finish the job the right way so that it doesn’t crack, concrete fireplace or dry out before it sets, and it’ll look good when your friends and neighbors come by. So let’s take a look at how to find just that right contractor to do your job.

A good Rockford concrete and stone contractor will usually have a long track record, with jobs all around the neighborhood that he’s finished up, and pictures to show you what he’s done. He’ll be happy to show you his licensing, bonding and insurance credentials, because normally a good concrete contractor is quite proud of his track record, and he thinks of his finished work as masterpieces. You can find this company by checking with your friends and neighbors and getting some good recommendations, then call a few of them up on the phone and ask them to come out and look at the job that you need to have done. He’ll usually give you a written estimate that tells exactly what he’s going to do and how much it’s going to cost. He may also tell you what he is not going to do, and this is important as well, sometimes with concrete work there is no end in sight besides a total rebuild that could be quite expensive.

concrete repair Rockford ILSo there you have two great tips on finding a quality Rockford stone and concrete contractor… always look for a company proud of their past work, and has plenty of past work to show you pictures of, and has all the right credentials to do work in Illinois.

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