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Masonry Repair in Rockford

masonry contractor Rockford ILNow that the weather has lightened and up and spring is just around the corner, you may have gone outside to walk around your Rockford home and found that your sidewalk has developed a new crack, your foundation is sinking on one corner, or there’s a couple of loose bricks on your chimney… exactly who do you call and how are you going to find the right contractor for this job? One of the biggest problems with choosing a professional masonry contractor is that the homeowner usually doesn’t have very much knowledge on brickwork or concrete, and so he or she feels like they’re at a disadvantage. An intelligent homeowner will just have to do a little more research to find the right Rockford contractor and here are a few tips to follow during your search.

chimney repairThere are many different kinds of concrete and masonry contractors, some do small jobs like chimney fixes or sidewalk patches, while others are equipped to lay a complete driveway. When you begin your search, the Internet is a good place to start, you will want to find somebody who advertises on their page “no job too small”, or “big jobs welcome”, for whatever size job that you happen to have. And you’ll want to make sure that they have listed in plain view their contractor’s license, insurance, and bonding, all valid in Illinois. Then, you should go and read their client comments and see that they’ve been treating their past customers well, and have no skeletons lurking in their closet. Now it’s time to get on the phone and have a couple Rockford contractors come out your house and take a look at your particular problem, be sure and ask all the questions you can possibly think of, have them write down on a piece of paper so you don’t forget.

stone patio installationWhile the contractor is there at your home, ask for some direct references not available on his website, that you can call and ask about their previous work. Ask the contractor if he has some photos of other similar projects that he’s finished in the past. If he doesn’t have any, that’s a possible red flag and maybe you don’t want to do business with them. Be sure and ask for the bid in written form with a complete description of everything that they’re going to do, and even some items not included during the job.

As you can see, hiring a Rockford masonry contractor is similar to hiring many other kinds of contractors, you just need to be a little more diligent and ask more questions to ensure that you get the right company for your particular project.

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